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Department of Economics - UG

Historical Background

The Department is a pioneer department since the inception of the college. Initially, the department was the main part of 'Academy of Social Sciences'.

Eminent Teachers of the Department:

Shri G. M. Sankapal

M.Sc. Economics, Cambridge University.

Shri P. S.Rege

M.Sc. Economics, Cambridge University.

Barrister Y. S. Mahajan

M.Sc. Economics, London School of Economics.

Shri K. Anantram

Eminent Teacher.

Shri B. M. Ramalingayya

N. C. C. Officer.

Shri L. V. Rajgopal

Eminent Teacher.

Shri. S. S. Mutalik

Eminent Teacher.

Dr. M. Halayya

M. Sc. Economics, USA;

Principal of K. L. E. Colleges

Author of text books for degree classes.

Shri M. S. Hallur

Principal, K. L. E. Colleges

Author of text books for PUC and degree


Shri L. S. Nayak

Principal, K. L. E. Colleges.

Shri T. S. Patil

Joined Karnatak University, visited USSR for

Higher studies.

Shri S. G. Karbhantnal

Principal, K. L. E. Colleges.

Author of text books for degree classes.

Shri R. Jayaraman

Eminent Teacher, Joined Bank of Baroda.

Shri H. R. Sakhare

Eminent Teacher.

Shri M. I. Ipe

Major and II L/C, 25 Karnataka Battalion

D. G’s commendation and honorary Major

Rank Awarded by, The President of India.

Shri N. B. Medikeri

NCC Officer.

District Planning Officer, Department of

Planning, GOK.

Shri Shinde Bhimsenrao

Joined KAS, 1986.

Dr. S. C. Mathapathi

Eminent teacher.

Dr .A. D. Mulgund

Eminent teacher.

Prin.R. Nataraj

Life Member and Coordinator, K.L.E. Society and at present Principal, J.G.College of Commerce, Hubli

Prof. G.I. Shettar

Coordinator, K.L.E Society, Belgaum

Dr. S.B. Somannavar

Eminent teacher.

Dr. S.S. Masali

Principal, KLE Society’s Lingaraj College.

Dr.(Smt.) G.N.Patil

Eminent teacher.


Eminent teacher.


The Department of Economics has been a pioneer department of the college since its inception. Economics as major subject in the college was a branch of ‘ Academy of Social Sciences’ along with Sociology, History, Political Science, Psychology and Geography.


In the past the department has been served by eminent academicians and intellectual teachers. Prof. Sankapal was the first Professor in the department had his M.Sc in Economics from Cambridge University. Prof. Rege another product of Cambridge University served the department during 1938-39. Barrister Y.S. Mahajan a renowned Scholar from the London School of Economics served in the department for six years up till 1944. Prof Krishnamurthy and Prof. K. Anantram served the department for a brief period during 1943-44. Prof. B. M. Ramalingayya who joined the department during 1943 served up till 1950. He was an NCC officer also. Prof. S. S. Mutalik served up till 1954-55. He later joined the Poona University.



"Economics for a way of life "


To imbibe the tenets of Economics among the students to be socially responsive graduates.

Goals and objectives:


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Curriculum Vitae


Dr.Raghvendra Hajgolkar

Assistant Professor


Dr.Vishwanath Khot

Assistant Professor


Dr.Mahantesh Sogal

Assistant Professor


Dr. Nandan Katamble

Assistant Professor


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