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Student Council

In this competitive and globalised world, the youth are expected to become a holistic personality. The nominated students actively participate in academic and administrative committees. The students also get opportunities to work with the management and staff in planning and organising college activities. It nurtures leadership skills and team spirit among the students. Each department conducts various events, where student council play a vital role.

The main objective of the institute is to:

  • Develop Leadership Qualities
  • Honesty
  • Compassion and Respect
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Courage

Facilitating the Process:

Active Student Council & Representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution.

  • Class representatives from each class are nominated by the class teacher.
  • The council meets frequently to discuss various academic and other issues of student’s interest. The cell members communicate the student grievances to the notice of Principal/ Vice-Principal/ IQAC coordinator/Heads of the department and Class teachers depending on the nature of Grievance.
  • They represent in governance, committees and cells. Engage in decision making and implementation process.
  • Advanced learners are engaged in peer to peer teaching and coordinating various student centric group activities.
  • The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities create a safe space to interact, collaborate, think out of the box, and nurture their talents and leadership capabilities.
  • They play an active role in communicating important information to all the students.
  • Students are given responsibility for safety, security and equal opportunity in their area of interest.
  • Students engage in social responsibility and environment sensitizing activities.

Enthusiastic participation of students in the activities of National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC) gives sense of social responsibility. They are also part of anti-ragging committee and discipline committee. Apart from Social activities, students also organises events such as guest lectures, workshops, cultural activities and webinars to develop their soft skills. Students participate actively in various activities and programmes in the college such as Fresher’s day, Trade fair, Literary and Management fest etc. They too actively take part in organising the Sports day, Alumni meet, Independence Day, Republic Day and other events organized by college.


  • Resolving the general disciplinary issues, maintaining discipline and campus culture.
  • Actively engage program like seminars, guest lectures, webinars, workshops, departmental club activities, cultural events etc.
  • Coordinating and conducting various national/ international significant day’s like International Yoga Days, International Women Days, Independence Day etc.
  • Planning and organising events like Teachers Day, Fresher’s Day and Farewell Day etc.
  • It also inculcates human values among students.
  • Students have bagged many General Championship in sports, Management Fests and other extracurricular activities.
  • Students have brought laurels to the institution by participating and winning in Inter-collegiate, State level and National level competitions.

Student Council List:

21-22's List of Student Committees

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