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Emblem of the KLE Society with farsighted Vision

The Emblem adopted by the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society has been designed with symbolic and ideological meaning truly reflecting the vision, mission, and objectives of the Society.

The center of the Emblem with a backdrop of ovular semi-circle has an adjunct of inscribed words- Truth, Love, Service and Sacrifice. Just above these words, in a specific spot, and hexagram of two intersecting equilateral triangles of high religious connotation Shatsthalwith a ‘Flying Bird’ is depicted. At the lower portion, a figure sacred to the Lingayats, ‘Ishtalinga’ at the palm in worshipping posture is with a halo around is projected. Above the semi-circle, there lies figure of the resting Sacred Bull – Nandi.

At the top of the emblem in an artistically carved strip Karnataka Lingayat Education Society, the name of the Society, is written in the Roman alphabet.

All these representations are of a marked significance. The Sacred Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva is of manifold importance for Hindus, especially South Indians. This is more so for Lingayats, who form a major community in the State of Karnataka. The majority of Lingayats are farmers, and the bullock is the backbone of cultivation. The Lingayats, therefore, treat the Sacred Bull with piety and religious fervour. The Sacred Bull in the Emblem is suggestive of the great and noble service that the Lingayats have been rendering in the field of education through the K. L.E Society.

The “Flying Bird” in the centre of the Hexagram is the symbol of awakened youth-power committed to taking up any challenge and task for the upliftment of the people, especially the farming community. Thus, the objective of bringing-up the educationally disadvantaged people is being fulfilled by the services that the K. L.E. Society has been rendering all through these 106 years.

The ‘Ishtalinga’ held in the palm in a worshipping posture is suggestive of the spreading of Veershaiva religion-- the religion of Lingayats-- and the halo around it indicates the light of knowledge through which Veershaivas have always tried to dispel ignorance and enlighten people with a secular outlook.

The words-- Truth, Love, Service and Sacrifice speak of the Values that the K. L. E. Society eternally stands for. The word ‘Sacrifice’ found the real sense in the life and struggle of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the Society whosubordinated their self-interest, their personal name and fame in the cause of dissemination of education.

Overall, the institutional Vision is lofty and high-ended as revealed in the following organic embodiments:

  • Transformation of wild and unrefined human behavior into highly scientific and productive manifestation
  • Amalgamation of the best among the better models of coherent and harmonious human development
  • Enhancement of the functional individual-self into unpuzzled communitarian national and global character
  • Conservation of rich intellectual heritage and its furtherance through advanced and relevant research out-puts
  • Retention of self-identity amidst competitive and mercurial trends unfolding at all pedagogical levels
  • Creation of industrious and demonstratively competent leadership to meet-out the timely challenges

  • The aforementioned vision of the Institution is an off shot of the elemental Vision of the KLE Society, Belagavi

  • Adopt modernist and post-modernist strategic and perspective framework towards the dissemination of knowledge
  • Select and adopt, and even evolve new horizons of frontline concepts and modules to standardize the curricular aspects
  • Promote constructive character, and utilitarian skills to make the internalized content truly functional and operative
  • Eradicate caste prejudices, regional chauvinism, and language fanaticism through native moral and spiritual education
  • Involve parental community, alumni association, governing council, and feasible governmental and non-governmental organization towards common good
  • The Vision and Mission of the Institution has been reflected in the effective leadership of the institution.

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